Empiric (empiric) wrote,

Saturday morning

Back from a nice breakfast at the Old Country Buffet, and time for an update.

Sister Jen left me a voicemail last night announcing that she and Tom have a wedding date of September 19'th. I'll congratulate her here, and when I call her this afternoon. Congrats, Jen! And, you too, Tom... I'm sure your future together will be great.

Need to call cousin Cherie as well... been a while since I caught up on things with her.

And, while I'm mentioning family members, congrats also to cousin Melissa on graduating high school... sorry I couldn't make it back to Michigan for the event.

My Sony Vaio laptop has mysteriously died. Had the thing plugged in and was turning it around to look to see if it had an ethernet connection, and apparently pulled the cord out. Now, it does nothing. No battery or power LED lights, nothing happens when I hit the power, nothing. I know my way around the digital aspects of computer hardware, but this problem looks decidedly analog. Have to take it in to Best Buy later as I stop by work; I think the thing is still under extended warranty. Although I have another laptop, a Compaq 3000 (2.4 Ghz, 60GB HD, nice big screen), this is still frustrating because I'd just installled the latest Slackware Linux to it. Nice distribution, didn't have to configure anything to have it boot up and jump right into X and KDE on demand. KDE is definitely getting close to Windows in terms of visual quality and usability (probably better visually, actually), and having a large set of applications and games included (for free...) is definitely nice. Much cooler screen saver collection, as well. :) MySql and PHP are now included as well, along with the usual set of development tools and applications. All in all, a fun, useful, educational toy that I'm looking to get back on-line ASAP.

Speaking of toys, the Nintendo Gameboy Advance SP is another item I couldn't resist picking up. A conveniently small, fold-up size (about the size of a pack of, ahem, cigarettes), a much improved LCD screen with backlighting (frontlighting?), and an impressive 18 hours of playtime between charges of its lithium-ion battery pack, and compatibility with the whole library of Advance games makes this a very nice unit for $99. It's got that characteristic that Japanese technology occasionally achieves, of being extremely well-done in every respect, in a we-have-no-natural-resources-so-this-better-be-great way. A few rounds of Mortal Kombat is a great way to kill some time in those lulls during the day, waiting for the waitress to bring your food and such. This will definitely be with me on my next plane trip, which will probably be Michigan, or possibly Mazatlan, since I hear the guys from that-software-consultancy are going again this year, wintertime.

I'm glad to see Rob is updating now, good to be able to catch up with him and his family activities via the web... now if I can just get Jen to do the same... and maybe Bill, a high-school friend from way back that I'm glad to be chatting again with via Yahoo Instant Messenger. Good people, all.
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