Empiric (empiric) wrote,

Adventures in late-night food

There's a Perkins just down the road from here, and it makes a very convenient place to eat, especially with my odd schedule of late. At 11 PM, they had put up the chairs in most of the restaurant, leaving a rather small section which was pretty crowded for the hour. Sitting in the booth next to me was a guy in high-school, along with two rather... rambunctious girls. After a while, the guy surprisingly struck up a conversation with me, and we chatted a fair bit, about his alcoholism and recovery, and mostly music. As he was mostly into rock music, much of the conversation revolved around that, and apparently the bands I'm familiar with from way back are still listened to... Van Halen, Dio, Black Sabbath... one of the girls apparently was enthralled with Guns 'n' Roses, mentioned during one of her stints on the floor. Apparently, now, though, these bands are referred to as "gothic rock". Somehow, having the bands I listened to when his age being referred to as "gothic" seemed a little unnervingly presumptuous...
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